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Happy Camp Office

Yreka Office

PO Box 1159
635 Jacobs Way
Happy Camp, CA 96039
(530) 493-1414         
(800) 250-5811
FAX (530) 493-1415

1836 Apsuun
Yreka, CA 96097
FAX (530) 842-1646

Mission of the Karuk Tribe Housing Authority

The Karuk Tribe Housing Authority will acquire and maintain assets.  KTHA will strive to alleviate the acute shortage of decent, safe and sanitary dwellings for Native American persons of low and moderate income.  KTHA will promote and sustain the culture, education, language, health, welfare, self-sufficiency, and economic independence of its residents.  Affordable housing services shall include rental, home ownership, and model programs.



Application for Housing Assistance

The first step in applying for assistance is to submit a complete application, available here: KTHA Application Packet

Applications are processed by Patches Marsh, Admissions/Loan Specialist who can be reached at (800) 250-5811, extension 3108 or pmarsh@karuk.us


Student Rent Voucher Program

Click here to download the current Student Rent Voucher Program Application

Applications are due by 5pm, July 31 each year to Patches Marsh, Admissions/Loan Specialist who can be reached at (800) 250-5811, extension 3108 or pmarsh@karuk.us


Board Meetings

The Board of Commissioners meets twice each month, the meeting location rotates between the housing communities of Yreka, Happy Camp, and Orleans.  The Tenant Meeting, usually held the first Monday of each month, is open to the public.  The Director Meeting, is a closed meeting. 

In accordance with Chapter 12 Grievance Procedures, prior to submitting a request to the BOC, ensure all Tenant Matters have been through all levels of appeal as outlined in this Flowchart.  Failure to do so, will result in your request being tabled or returned to staff for review.

To request to be added to the agenda, submit an Agenda Request to:

Sara Spence, Executive Director at sspence@karuk.us;Ann Escobar, Assistant Director/Operations Manager at aescobar@karuk.us; orAdia Supahan, Executive Assistant at asupahan@karuk.us


2020 Open Meeting Dates

January 6, Orleans, 10am

February 3, Yreka, 10am

March 2, Happy Camp, 10am

April 6, Orleans, 10am

May 11, Yreka, 10am

June 1, Happy Camp, 10am

July 6, Orleans, 10am

August 3, Yreka, 10am

September 1, Happy Camp, 10am

October 5, Orleans, 10am

November 2, Yreka, 10am

December 14, Happy Camp, 10am


Board of Commissioners

In accordance with the Karuk Tribe's Housing Ordinance, the Board of Commissioners is comprised of seven Enrolled Karuk Tribal Members appointed by the Tribal Council, two of which shall be currently seated Tribal Council Members.


Robert Super, Chair                         Joseph Waddell, Commissioner      Deborah Whitman, Commissioner

Yreka District                                    Happy Camp District                       Yreka District

          Jody Waddell          Blank person photo



Dolores Voyles, Treasurer                Teresa Valin, Commissioner          Arch Super, Council Housing Liaison

Happy Camp District                        Yreka District                                  Yreka District

dvoyles                    Arch Super CRP


Sherile Grant, Commissioner

Yreka District

Sherile Grant





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